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Focus / Target

Focus / Target



We all know that the maximum speed of a lion is 80 kilos / hour. Another deer is 85 kilos / hour. The lion is always aiming from a distance and then attacking it. If a deer is standing 10 meters away from the lion’s position, then the deer’s hand is from the lion’s hand. But in almost all cases, Deer Honey is a victim of lion. Do not know what to do, because after the start of the deer’s deer, after a little while after looking behind the lion’s   position. It reduces its own speed. But the lion is heading forward in front of the target. So the lion’s speed does not decrease. In this way, the lion hunts even more speed deer even though it is less speedy.

But you, too, will look down on someone else’s position on your way, but your speed will decrease and the people behind you will be overwhelmed by you.
One of my sar said, if you want to win the competition, then you have to run it. Do not have to start before other competitors.
You think any race participated in the competition. There will be many people running together in the same truck. If your position is third, then your focus should be 1st. So it’s not your job to know how much behind the person in the 5th or 6th position you have. Your focus is to overtake the previous two. I do not know what to do. Because the people behind you also want to get you off. So, like the deer, there is no need to become prey even more speedy.
When you keep your goal in front and not on the other side, if you are focused only on your goals, then you will be able to easily win your goal.
so fixed your goal and lets gooooooo …………..
thanks a lot

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